Instrument Rentals & Sales in Minerva, OH

Producing beautiful music starts by playing a quality instrument. Minerva Music Center is proud to offer both rentals and music instruments for sale in Minerva, Carrollton, East Liverpool, Salem, and Canton, OH. We take immense pride in bringing the finest instruments to beginners and seasoned players alike.

Whether you rent or buy, we’re committed to helping you take home an instrument in great condition, properly sized for every player. Count on our instruments to be well-tuned, properly cleaned and in perfect working order.

Why Choose a Rental?

Renting is great for beginners and allows you to try out an instrument (or multiple instruments) without a large financial commitment. For students especially, music instrument rental in Stark County, OH just makes sense.

We have new and used brand names available for rent, and our expert staff will take the time to go through things like sizing, tuning, cleaning and storage with you. We’ll make sure you’re fully aware of what your instrument rental needs to stay looking and sounding great.


Ready to Buy an Instrument?

If you’re committed to a musical instrument or a long-time player ready to make an investment, Minerva Music Center offers a great selection of instruments for sale. Come to us for all the following:

  • Acoustic Guitars: $125 – $1,500
  • Banjos: $275 – $700
  • Cellos: $1,600+
  • Drum Sets: $700-$2,000
  • Electric Guitars: $200 – $700
  • Keyboards (Yamaha, Casio): $175 – $1,500
  • Mandolins: $250 – $1,200
  • Violins: $200 – $600

We also stock and source a full selection of band instruments and accessories for other instruments, including amps, effect pedals, sheet music, strings and much more.


Our rent-to-own programs are popular among students who develop a love for the instrument they’re playing. We offer an in-house 12-, 18-, or 24-month rent-to-own program with 0% interest. You have the option to return your instrument at any time within the rent-to-own agreement period and we’ll release you from the contract. Returns are prohibited after contract agreement concludes.

Find an Instrument that Speaks to You

When you decide what instrument you want to play, come to Minerva Music Center to find it. Whether you rent, buy or rent-to-own, we promise you’ll leave with a quality instrument. Stop in or contact us today at 330-868-5708 to learn more about rentals, instrument lessons with our music instructors, repairs, and more!